Thursday concerts on the Art Hill begin

At the highest elevation on the Pierce campus, with one piano and two pianists, the ears of students were filled with classical music.

4HandsLA, a duo piano performing group with Steven Vanhauwaert and Danny Holt, hosted a free performance for Concerts at Pierce Thursday. They performed 4 pieces:  Sonata in D.K. by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pupazetti by Alfredo Casella, Rapsodie Espagnole by Maurice Ravel and Danse Sacarle by Igor Stainsky.

Steven Vanhauwaert and Danny Holt are both critically acclaimed and prestigiously awarded musicians. Holt and Vanhauwaert connected in 2009 to form 4handsLA.

“It all started with The Rite of Spring (Danse Sacrale), it was the first piece we played together and we were looking for other pieces to go with that” said Holt.

The duo selected their own music for the event.

“We wanted French early beginning of the century, interesting period, Russian, all kinds of nationalities” said Vanhauwert.

This concert series is open to the public but primarily is attended by two separate classes for educational purposes.

“It was interesting to see them go over each others hands, I thought that was cool” said Lulu Genoumen a music 152 student.

Concerts at Pierce is a series of concerts that will be held for free every Thursday at 12:45 p.m. in room 3400 of the Music Building

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