Meet Your Major Fair to be hosted in the Great Hall

The Meet Your Major Fair will be hosted by the Career Center and Counseling Office in the Great Hall Oct. 12.

Nearly 350 students attended the Meet Your Major Fair last year. Most students that came were still undecided about their majors and what universities they should transfer to.

All departments are expected to attend this year, according to Counselor and Career Center Director Joanna Zimring Towne. She said that she expects that this year will be a success as well and that more students will come.

“The fair is for students to have the opportunity to meet with various faculties on campus about different majors.” said Zimring.  “Many students can find out what careers they can have with the major of their choosing.”

Professor of Counseling Victoria Van Tamelen-Hall said that this is the third time that they are hosting the fair. She said that the fair makes the students feel more comfortable asking questions that they have to the professors.

Professors will be on hand to help students apply to universities and give advice on needed classes.

Some students come for the free pizza that was given at the fair and for the extra credit that their professors were giving last year, said Zimring.

This year there will also be free pizza and more raffle prizes including a digital camera.

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