Pierce volleyball wins at Moorpark

Continuing their dominance, the top ranked Pierce College women’s volleyball team defeated No.12 ranked Moorpark 5 to 3 Friday.

They won, three sets to zero, 25 to 17, 25 to 17, 25 to 19.

The Brahmas, who won 10 to 0, played a balanced game led by Shakurako Fuji with 11 kills, Jasmine Levi with nine kills, Danetta Boykin with eight kills, and Shayna Guitare contributing seven kills.

Kathleen Wright was selected MVP, recording a total of 18 digs, Janelle Futch contributed 34 assists and Brooke Dawson had 5 aces.

The Brahmas played a balanced game, with great teamwork, according to the women’s volleyball coach Nabil Mardini.

“We didn’t play as well as we did over the weekend but we took care of business” said Mardini.

This was the first one on one matchup for the team at an away location. For the first time there weren’t other games going on around the team and the atmosphere was a little quieter with a little heckling from the crowd, according to Mardini.

The Brahmas will be hosting their own tournament starting Friday at 4 p.m. against Saddlebeck.

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