ASO recruits for campus wide rally

The Associated Students Organization (ASO)-sponsored rally occurring Oct. 26 will be officially named “Where’s The Funding?” (WTF?), according to Students Organizing for Success (S.O.S.).

During the first S.O.S. club meeting hosted Monday, members also discussed methods for gathering student, faculty, and local support for the rally.

“I’m aiming for at least a thousand,” said Associated Student Organization (ASO)┬áPresident Gabriel Mellibosky during the meeting in comparison to the spring rally turnout of about 600 people.

In addition to posters and flyers on and around campus, members of S.O.S. were advised by philosophy professor, Zack Knorr, to speak to their teachers about the possibility of giving extra credit to students for attending or perhaps bringing their classes to the rally.

S.O.S. will be present at Club Rush to let students know who they are and to recruit for the rally.

The rally is scheduled for Oct. 26 beginning 12:30 p.m. at the bull statue located in the center of the Mall.