Laccd meeting, oct.5 – master budget plan

Under pressure because of a State Controller’s audit in Aug., the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board of Trustees passed a measure to create a master budget plan for its nine colleges and took steps to improve the accountability and transparency of their budget.

The audit stated that the LACCD continues to spend money on expanding campus facilities without the capability to afford it.

“In the past, no transparency has been forthcoming from this college,” said Micky Jackson, a member of the Van De Kamp Coalition.

The board, under recommendations by the Ad Hoc Committee, announced that the master budget plan will have budgets showing the funding sources for each construction project, at each level of completion.

This measure will also enlist the chancellor to access, change and report on the functioning of budget spending.

“I’m going back tomorrow to my office, throwing out my job description and writing simply, do thing in the interests of the student’s,” said Dr. Daniel LaVista, LACCD chancellor.

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