The show must go on, despite a smaller stage

Dance department students continue to rehearse for the Fall Dance Concert despite being forced to change the planned folk theme due to the smaller stage at the Temporary Performing Arts Building.

Because folk dances typically use many dancers and large movements, Instructor in Theatre and Dance Marian Weiser was left no choice but to change the intended folk themed dance concert to to a dance pastiche, a mixture of styles.

Weiser had been informed about the smaller size of the stage only about a week before the semester started, and was required to change her plan quickly.

“I either had to not have a concert at all, or come up with something else,” said Weiser.

The pastiche will include some folk dances, as well as modern, ballet, tap, hip hop and social dances.

Rehearsals in the 14 dances, performed by 53 students, occur every Sunday morning as they prepare for the big day, in spite of the sudden changes.

The choreography is challenging and engaging, according to Diana Cabrera.

All dance pieces are choreographed by Pierce College students and alumni.

“I couldn’t be happier about this, I have good dancers, and we’re just having a good time,” said Russell McFadden, choreographer and former Pierce College student.

The concert will take place on Nov. 12-13 at the temporary Pierce College Theater.

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