Inside peek at an art professor’s life

In addition to teaching 2D design, drawing and exhibition design at Pierce College, Instructor of Arts Monika Del Bosque is also responsible for directing the college’s art gallery.

Del Bosque, who was born in Virginia, graduated in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in liberal art with an emphasis in science, and got her master’s of fine arts in studio art, certificate in museum collection management and certificate in dream studies, and art education track in 2005 from John F. Kennedy University.

“My education probably started when I was a child,” Del Bosque said. “I drew from the time I was little, like two years old.”

Del Bosque started her teaching and directing the art gallery at the Pierce College in 2009.

She considers herself a painter.

“My painting includes a lot of drawing and mixed media work,” Del Bosque said. “Over past three years my work has become increasingly interested in looking at paying attention to the seasons, and how we grow and transport our food.”

Del Bosque is very diverse in her interest to arts. She loves music from country to jazz, folk, hip-hop, rock and blues.

“It is the same thing with art,” Del Bosque said. “There are many different forms of visual art that I love just as much as many different forms of music.”

She also spends a lot of time outside going to museums, may it be art cultural or history museums.

As a faculty member of the Art & Architecture Department, Del Bosque always tries to find the best artists in different fields of arts to bring them to the Pierce art gallery.

“I always keep my eyes and ears open for that,” she said. “We are always interested in showing works from a wide variety of artists. We want to help expands our students horizon.”

Del Bosque believes that students have to think creatively that how they can be an artist in the world.

“Don’t abandon your artistic goals or your creative side,” she said. “Continue to pursue your artistic carrier.”

Students who are interested to see arts of Monica Del Bosque may check her website at

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