Law enforcement visits Justice majors on campus

A black Chevy Tahoe with the words Incident Command Vehicle was one of the nine vehicles, owned by the California Highway Patrol, parked on the Mall Wednesday.

Pierce was visited by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and other law enforcement agencies during Justice Day.

Standing by to answer questions and representing the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and state law enforcement at Justice Day was Officer Leland Tang, a 45-year-old Public Information officer with 18 years of service.

Other representatives from the federal, county and local law enforcement and prosecutors from the District Attorney’s Office also attended, said Officer Tang.

The black Chevy Tahoe, funded by Homeland Security, is worth $1.5 million, is equipped to provide Wi-Fi and is able to provide critical communications to smaller department stations in the event of an emergency.

“It’s like driving a Rolls Royce,” said Leland.

Officer Tang has been employed with CHP for 18 years, and has taught at Pierce College for two.

“I choose the highway patrol because I can go anywhere,” said, Tang.

He said he hopes to retire from the Highway Patrol and teach full time.

“A bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice is the best way to go,” said Tang.



Contributing students: Anthony Bates, Lindsey Emmer, Lonella Rodriguez, Sarah Wyman, Brittany Blust, Brent Spector, Kevin “Kal” Valasek, Omar Preciado, Biko Poindexter-Hodge.


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