Writing Lab workshop helps students excel

Pierce College held a Writing Lab workshop Wednesday, Oct. 26, for students in Village 8130.

The workshop was open to all Pierce students who needed help in word pronunciation as identification.

Adjunct Instructor of English Writing Lab instructor Jeanine Brown conducted the workshop.

“The English department’s Writing Lab’s main focus is one-on-one tutoring, but we also offer these workshops that allow for broader outreach, because normally the one-on-ones are 30-minute appointments.” said Brown.

The Writing Lab instructors do not only provide help with writing, but they also provide professional instruction in grammar, and paragraph and essay structure.

“We have students that attend these workshops and lab hours from English students to people across the various disciplines like history, sciences, arts and social sciences when they have to express themselves on paper,” said Brown.

Some students, like Babatunde Keshinro, who take more challenging classes use these workshops to help further their writing skills.

“I’m having problems with my poetry paper, so my professor recommended that I attend this workshop,” said Keshinro. “I didn’t know that it would be this helpful though.”

Although the most popular services at the Writing Lab are the post-essay critiquing and revising, some students attend these workshops and labs just to get better in English.

For instance, English major Jessica Lopez attended the workshop for the fundamentals of English.

“I came here today so that I could get better at English and know my reading and understanding better,” said Lopez.

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