Review: Dan’s Super Subs, Ventura and Fallbrook

On the crowded cross streets of Ventura and Fallbrook one can find one of the best sub sandwich shops in Los Angeles, the one and only Dan’s Super Subs.  The small shop is packed around 11a.m. and stays crowded till about 3:30p.m. or so.The whole shop itself is small and rather New York style with a fast paced service and food being kicked out as fast as the first one gets off the line.  The aroma of freshly baked bread lingers everywhere, even the bathroom.Though close quarters the food is all one can think about as soon as subs start getting cranked out.  And with every mouth watering sub flying by your face, you sit in your seat in great anticipation.

As soon as you hear your name you rush to the counter to get your first peek at the wondrous sub placed before you.  An amazingly giant classic roast beef sandwich sitting in a red basket with polka dot wrapping underneath.

The sandwich is dazzling from the over flow of Italian dressing glistening off the lettuce and onion.  The fresh bread swirls in your nostrils as you inhale the scent to find a hint of pickle juice and mustards.

As the first bite comes, the roast beef and Swiss cheese come through the juicyness of the Italian dressing and the crisp lettuce adds a crunch that complements the onion and mustard all in one.  You lust for more and devour the first half as say to yourself, “the next half better be just as good.”

As you attempt the second half of this colossal sub you realize you ate too fast as there is a small bob in your throat and you wash all of the first half down with a Coke the size of a bowl.  And you know just by looking at the second half that you’re going to need every drop of that Coke.

With a nod of the head to the celebrities you look down at the last half.  Daughnting seems the task, but the memories of the first half say “I’m worth it so eat me.”  With a huff you draw up the dipping wonder that lays in your hands.

The lettuce and onion slavered in Italian dressing, check.  The Swiss cheese encompassing this salad-in-a-bun, check.  The roast beef bulging towards you and still being glued to the white bread that envolpes this sandwich of sandwiches, check.

For the beginning of the end you take the first bite.  The mustard gives a taste that makes fresh bread taste even better rolls along the tongue with the dressing.  The fresh lettuce and onion slip past giving the hint of their presence and complementing the cheese as the roast beef parades forth.

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