Review: Stars diner, Sherman Way and Mason

Stars diner located in Canoga Park at the Sherman Way and Mason intersection, is a restaurant which caters to food cravings of all kinds.
The diner opens at 6:30 am every day and serves breakfast until 9:30p.m. when they close during the week, or 10:00p.m. during the weekends.
Under a ceiling full of bold blue stars you can enjoy an array of amazing food at affordable rates.
Red and white furniture and frames of famous actors and musicians hang side by side on the wall of the amazing little diner called Stars. With a jukebox on every table, it would be a miracle not to experience a vintage flashback.
Serving omelet’s, burgers, sandwiches, gyros, Mexican food and some of the most amazing ice cream shakes you may ever have, the menu is loaded with options for varying appetites.
The crispy cheese sticks are so incredibly cheesy that the mozzarella could probably wrap around your wrist a few times.
The buffalo wings are spicy to no end. Succulent and juicy, the wings are dressed in a bright red, screaming hot sauce.
The only perfect addition to the spicy wings, is the homemade ranch. The tasty, salty fries come in a generous portion along with most of the dishes on the menu.
Their specialty?
Probably the burger they serve with a wide sesame seed bun followed by fresh lettuce and tomato atop a juicy beef patty which is all immersed in melted cheese. Their burgers don’t usually come with pickles so make sure you order them. The crisp, salty taste of the pickle tops off the burger beautifully.
The Chinese chicken salad they serve is huge and could probably feed everyone you take with you on your trip to the diner.
Nonetheless, the salad is fresh, crisp and comes with a sweet and tangy dressing to top it all off. The chicken served with the salad has its own flavor all together and hits you with a peppery spice.
Stars may be one of the few places still standing that serves a root beer float or milkshake with real ice cream.
The milkshakes you can have are in the usual Neapolitan flavors: Strawberry, Chocolate, or Vanilla.
The milkshakes are well worth what you pay for them and maybe more. The ice cream is thick and creamy with a subtle taste of the flavor so it’s not overly sweet but still allows your taste buds to go on a little amusement ride inside your mouth.
The service at the establishment is completely inviting and friendly. There is classic music playing and the employees are usually smiling and engaging with the customers.
On the website for the restaurant,, they describe the music and flavors as “not nostalgic, but rather reflective of a period that has been called the fabulous fifties.”
This 50’s diner has a way with words, food, and service so make sure you don’t miss out.
20445 Sherman Way, Winnetka, CA 91306

Tel: (818) 716-9366 Fax: (818) 716-9790

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