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Where is the internet

Cartoon: Maria Salvador



The Wi-Fi service provided for students and staff on campus is terrible.


In some places it works okay but almost never where and when you need it.


The service is great at the library where there are computers available to you so it isn’t needed but in the Village area where all the orphaned classes from the construction are housed, you’re lucky if you can even log on.


There has not been a map with WiFi hot spots sent out in three or four years according to Jill Binsley, professor of computer application and office technologies.


But the Technology committee will be meeting during the break in January where a new list will be provided.


We live in an age where everything is done online. From research to homework assignments everything can and is being done on a computer.


As a student it is imperative that we are able to connect to the Internet from anywhere on campus so that we can finish our assignments. 
And equally as important if not more so staff members need access to the Internet to grade papers, research their upcoming assignments and even teach in their classrooms.


Yet the campus is doing very little to help in this area. It seems like no attempts have been made to help the collegial body with this.


The administration should be working on this problem. They could spread out some of the routers or use some of the bond money to set up more servers around campus.


They could even go as far as to put a tower on the hill by the Farm.


Anything that can be done in this area would be a tremendous gift to all on campus.


This is not a need that will dissipate in time, if anything this is a problem that will only become worse. Teachers have already begun to assign homework and announce assignments online using Moodle.


A link is available on the Pierce College website that allows professors to outline their courses online for students.


More and more of these things are done online.

Students who are looking to work on homework or get anything done online can at least get service near the Freudian Sip and the Book Store.


But that is a very limited area and let’s be honest, how often are your classes near there? 
Most of us are either at the top of the Art hill, the Center for the Sciences, or the Village.


And good luck getting service near any of those places.


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