Shuttle bus freely available for quick transit around campus

A Pierce-branded transit bus is active around campus available to students and faculty for making trips around the campus and parking lots more convenient.


The school is required by a federal court order to fund a form of transportation available to make traversing around the campus easier for everyone, according to Pierce College associate vice president Larry Kraus.


The convenience is mainly intended for handicapped passengers making their way around the hill where the Fine Arts buildings are placed, however the bus is open to everyone on campus.


Those who are familiar with the transport commented on its convenience and benefits.


“This past Monday I found myself trudging up El Rancho road without a car or skateboard,” said Peter Hillas. “As I passed the Equestrian center, a white bus stopped by me and opened its doors. The driver, whose name I believe was Rick, asked if I needed a lift.


The bus is active on the more populated days of the week, specifically Monday through Thursday, and is available every major semester.


“I hopped inside [the bus] and began a nice conversation with him,” said Hillas. “He was kind enough to take me all the way up the hill and exchange musical trivia along the way.


The bus runs from 7:30a.m. until 10:30p.m.


This transport is expected to make frequent stops in a number of the designated parking areas.


The most recent Campus Bus Route Guide shows 7 initial stops the bus is expected to drive by.


Though there is no physical time schedule for bus arrival, it regularly makes its way around the campus every 15 to 20 minutes.


Finally, the bus is also willing to brake in order to drop or pick up passengers in between stop points as long as the path is safe.


In addition to making the campus more accessible by transport, Associate Vice President Klaus mentioned that the buildings currently under construction will also keep the handicapped in mind.


Students who are looking to taking advantage of the shuttle bus are free to pick up the Campus Bus Route Guide in various offices all around the campus.



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