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Seen and heard: Valentine’s Day on campus


Photos by: Joe Kukuczka


On this day of love, lust and an abundance of chocolate shaped hearts we asked the ladies and gentlemen of Pierce College about their thoughts and experiences on Valentine’s Day. Some were truly feeling the spirit of cupid, while others felt like they could do without it.


The Roundup asked the Ladies: What is the best gift you’ve ever received for Valentines Day?



“My boyfriend wrote me a song and played it for me at a park” – Amy Gentzler, 18



“He took a bowl and put all of my favorite candies in it with pretty stones at the bottom,” Judith Melendez, 30



“My favorite gift was a Michael Kors watch.” – Sharon Sandhar, 18





“Today I received flowers and they made me happy because I didn’t think I’d get them. My ideal gift would be something handmade because it would mean he put thought into it,” Ivette Driotez, 20


The Roundup asked the gentlemen: What is your opinion of Valentine’s Day?



“I feel like it’s a little overrated because people feel like they need to blow their money for a Hallmark holiday. I prefer a low key, heartfelt holiday, but I still like to celebrate it.” Josh Hazelton, 22



“It’s kind of cheesy because everyday you should love your loved ones.” Hassan Stephens, 22


 “The best gift I could receive is someone’s heart.” Kiran Kaur, 19


“I think it’s unnecessary because I feel like you should make your lady feel like a queen everyday.” Omar Black, 19



“My ideal gift would be a bouquet of different flowers, not just roses but all kinds.” Diana Radillo, 18


“I think we should celebrate it because it’s a girl thing to make them happy.” Juan Giron, 21


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