French native teaches foreign language class

The Modern Languages Department received a new addition last month with French native and professor Anne le Barbu.


Though hired only a month ago, le Barbu has taught French for 15 years in both universities and community colleges. She has previously taught at both Long Beach City College and East Los Angeles City College, in addition to stints at private schools.


Le Barbu snatched up the offer to teach full-time at Pierce and considers it an honor, especially with the state of the economy.


“[Full-time positions] come few and far between,” she said.


Since first coming to the United States in 1998 as an exchange student in Louisiana, she has wanted to teach French outside of France. Meeting her husband in the here solidified her decision.


“I stayed here because of love,” she said.


Le Barbu, who comes from Brittany in the northwest of France, still misses her home and makes an effort to visit family once every two years. Still, she admits, when she goes abroad she equally misses the U.S.


“It’s like I have two countries,” she said.


Her authenticity that comes from being born and raised in France is a highlight that draws students towards her class.


“She’s adorable,” Daniel Ramirez, engineering major, said. “It’s cool that we have a legit French teacher actually from France.”


Others are glad her upbringing goes hand-in-hand with her skill at teaching the language.


“[She offers] very good language immersion,” Ben Ditzel, computer science major, said. “She’s very enthusiastic.”


In turn, she’s glad to be able to share part of her language and culture with students.


“If I meet [a student] on campus and they tell me something in French, for me it’s very rewarding,” she said.


Le Barbu has enjoyed her month here so far, and she’s been eager to explore what more the campus has to offer.


“I’m looking forward to continue teaching here for many years to come,” she said.

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