Hot Sauce truck cooks up fresh food

“Anything but a tease,” reads all over the Hot Sauce truck in black bold letters as a statement for the multi cultural cuisine.


The family owned food truck, parks outside of the South Gym at sharply 8:30 a.m., but this is not by choice.


Earlier in the semester T’s Hot Sauce was parked aside of the mall along with others and was later transferred on a decision that viewed similarities with other food trucks.


The change didn’t affect the business or publicity owner Rafael De La Fuente said.


“I thank god because I am blessed, whatever I sell I am happy,” he said


De La Fuente obtains fresh meat, chicken and fries every morning before arriving at Pierce.


“Everything is fresh,” said De La Fuente. “It takes a little longer but it is prepared when you order it.”


The menu expands quite often, giving customers a wider variety of options and less of a chance of getting bored with the food De La Fuente said.


“We are always adding something new, De La Fuente said. “For example fish tacos, shrimp tacos, burritos and empanadas.”


In a matter of ten minutes, De La Fuente sold five cheese burger and hamburger combos that include fries and a drink, with most sales being to students his next step is to decide on a special for that specific plate.


“This is delicious, It’s the best cheese burger I’ve had,” said Manny Escoto criminal justice major student.


Service was also a big part on Escoto’s experience with the Hot Sauce.


“Excellence service,” said Escoto. “They give me everything I want they way I want it.”


The Hot Sauce truck offers steak and chicken quesadillas, fish, steak, chicken and shrimp tacos, Chilean empanadas, hamburgers, hot dogs, cheese burgers, breakfast burritos, chili fries, onion rings and more.


“Sometimes we are going to run out because my truck is not big enough to hold this much food,” De La Fuente said. “But I put a little bit of everything so everyone can have a choice.”


The truck is evaluated by the Health Department every three or four months depending on the situation.