Students look forward to Spring Break

Let your hair down, and relax
. It is Wednesday and Pierce College students find themselves anxious to take midterms, finish up assignment, and be able to enjoy Spring Break this upcoming week.


Walking through campus, you see students studying, reading, and quizzing each other for their upcoming examinations.


But when asked what their plans are for next weeks Spring Break, their faces take a shift from being serious and tired to smiles and excitement.


20-year-old Pierce College student Cynthia Diaz, who still has two more exams to go before being able to fully enjoy Spring Break and depart from Los Angeles International Airport to visit her family in San Francisco.


“ I just want to get these tests over with and board that plane,” Diaz said.


Other students were excited to share their plans to just sleep in and catch up on their Sitcom shows and video games, like 22-year old Biology major, Joseph Campos.


“I don’t have much planned but stay in and watch Law and Order, and spend quality time with my Xbox,” Campos said.



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