Brahma football may still be searching for a home

Months after the district’s contracts with FTR International construction company was terminated for convenience earlier in the semester, the future of Shepard Stadium at Pierce College is still uncertain.


The stadium construction was part of the Project J bond program, one that included Build-LACCD, a project to revamp certain buildings in the different campuses in the district. FTR was heading a $6 billion, 14-year program that included the North of Mall construction and Shepard Stadium.


FTR’s contracts were terminated back in late February, leaving the two projects uncompleted. The stadium only has a few parts left unfinished yet no construction company has begun to finish the job.


“There is an interim construction company that has been hired,” associate vice president Larry Kraus said. “But I don’t see anything in the books about Shepard Stadium.”


The only unfinished sections are the walkway between the home and visitors sides, the visitor’s side restroom and the field house.


The football team has been practicing on the field but the question of whether or not they be able to play next semester remains unanswered.


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