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Football team ready to rebound

The time is almost here for the Brahmas football season to begin. Accompanied by a new home field, and new players, the coaches expect nothing less than a successful season.

“ We are excited for this year. We have a lot of talented players in the team, and the fact that we will have home games, I think that equals a successful season,” said Brahmas football head coach Efrain Martinez.
After last years not so notable season, and ending with a record of three wins to seven loses.

The Brahmas football team is expecting to demonstrate a drastic change to their supporting crowd.

Not having that home field advantage and supportive crowd to cheer them on, like other teams seemed to have an impact on the player’s performance.
“Last year we only had one home game, and nine away games. We ended our season at our home field against Los Angeles Valley College and we beat them. Having a home field apparently makes a difference,” said Martinez.
Last year the team found themselves having to run their practice on the grass area between the Victory parking lot and the softball fields.
An area, which was not maintained very well, causing many injuries to the players.
“The turf in that field was not supportive to our legs,” said Brahmas safety guard John Pruden. “ The field we have now gives us more support.”
As a result of the downfalls of last season, the team has come closer as a whole and taken on their loses as lessons to be improved this year.
For the team, the 2012 season is looking bright at just a few weeks into practices, with approximately 150 players on the roster and many of them being returning sophomores, gives them an advantage to a much better season.
“I expect us to win and dominate this season,” said linebacker Jordan Stanton.

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