Textbook buy back program a must

We use them in class. We use them at home. We use them to cram before a midterm. Occasionally, we use them to hold up our crooked tables.


Textbooks are arguable the greatest and most essential tool of the student, but they also a huge cost for students.


This is why the textbook buy back program is a must for any student tight on cash or looking to keep a little in the bank.


To get an idea why the textbook buy back program is so important, let’s look at the price of college books.




That is the average cost of books and supplies for a public college according to The College Board.


It is a daunting and scary number.


How can a full-time student be expected to pay this much for such a necessary part of their education?


If you look at the average annual income in California– which is $51,910, according to the Sacramento Business Journal– you might be thinking “that is reasonable, I could make that work; that is not that bad.”


But that number does not tell the whole story.


The average annual income of someone with a high school degree, which all non-graduate students fit into, is $29,900 according to the National Center for Education Statistics.


Books become a little bigger percentage of your income now, do they not?


Also there are many general education classes students have to take that they have no interest in after they finish the class.


Are they stuck with the textbooks for these classes?


Not at all.


There is a must-use way to ease a bit of the pain in your back pocket: the textbook buy back program.


Pierce College Book Store offers students 50 percent back on their textbooks with this program.


This might not seem like much, but for those who make the aforementioned average or the working class students who make under this average, this 50 percent could seriously provide relief.


Any struggling student could not use a good $600 refund.


But suppose you bought an old edition online that Pierce no longer accepts.


Try Amazon. They have a book buying program as well which advertises up to 70 percent of the full value of the book.


Then there are the used book stores such as Woodland Textbooks, just a short drive from Pierce, and droves more used book retailers online.


Regardless which route you choose, do not just bite the bullet on textbooks. Get some much needed money back and get rid of those old Math books.


Although you will probably need a piece of cardboard to hold up that crooked table now.