Baseball team loses 5th straight game

The Pierce College baseball team lost its fifth straight game in a close offensive battle 15-13 against Cuesta College Saturday.

Although both teams had great offensive output, they both struggled with pitching and defense.

“It was a sloppy game on both sides and we survived today,” said head coach Bob Miller of Cuesta College.

Cuesta’s second baseman Marco Murillo and short stop Zach Domingues were a consistent presence to deal with as the two lead off positions in the line-up.

“It was good for us to go out and put 15 runs on the board and to get 14 hits,” Miller said.

Murillo went 4-5 on the day with three hits, two walks, reached base six times, and scored three runs. Domingues went 0-2, but was able to draw five walks and scored three runs as well.

“We go back again on Tuesday and I’m sure we’re gonna get their number one pitcher on that day,” said Miller. “We have to prepare and be ready to play an ‘A’ game.”

Despite the optimistic outlook on the day’s game, the mood was different in the dugout for the home team.

“Horrible. About as bad as it’s ever been here. 12 walks, one hit batter. Bad,” said Pierce head coach John Bushart.

Sophomore pitcher Ryan Blakely started for the Brahmas and struggled through three innings, giving up five walks and three runs and forcing the team to go to the bullpen early. That was not the answer they were looking for.

Bushart was forced in a tough position and burned through eight relief pitchers and even brought out starting pitcher Bobby Schauer to get some sort of answer on the mound.

“Our pitching has to get more consistent. We’ll do well one week and the next it isn’t the same,” center fielder Justin Davis said.

It was difficult for the Brahmas to get a foot hold defensively as the active bats of Cuesta compounded with the large number of walks by the pitching staff put the team out of rhythm and made seven errors.

“It’s tough defensively when you watch guys walk. It’s hard to play defense and it’s no excuse, but that’s reality,” said Bushart. “We make seven errors because guys don’t throw strikes.”

Aside from the stress of the pitching the offense showed up, keeping Pierce in the game with 13 runs and 16 hits.

“We need to get all three aspects together, as soon as we put those together we will be a really good ball club,” said right fielder Nick Murphy.

The Brahmas fought through some long innings and were able to compile nine runs in the last three innings, but it just was not enough.

“Our offense was good, they fought, stayed with it, but the pitching was beyond abysmal,” Bushart said.

The Pierce baseball team will be traveling on Tuesday to San Luis Obispo to face Cuesta College for their second game of the series.

“You know things happen, but it’s all about what you do after you fall if you’re able to pick yourself up and go after it,” stated Davis.