Day of Politics 2 features Los Angeles mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti

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//4:08 p.m.//

“Eric Garcetti is on his way.” Denise Robb, assistant professor of political science said.

//4:15 p.m.//

Eric Garcetti has arrived at the Great Hall.

//4:17 p.m.//

“I want to thank AGS and ASO for their help,” Robb said.

//4:20 p.m.//

Garcetti has addressed the crowd.

“Who will commit to vote on May 21st? Hold each other accountable,” Garcetti said.

“Make sure we get out there and vote, make it happen,” Garcetti said.

//4:24 p.m.//

“I’m representing the heart of Los Angeles even though I grew up here in the Valley,” said Garcetti.

//4:29 p.m.//

The floor has been opened for questions.

What can we do about the downtown homeless issue?

“We know how to end homelessness and I’ve said as a candidate that we will end homelessness in Los Angeles.”

“It costs you more money to keep the homeless on the street.”

“We’ve taken 174 people off the street in Hollywood.”

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//4:56 p.m.//

What will be the best to fund money for public safety?

“For me the most important thing is to grow our economy to fund our public safety,” Garcetti said.

//5:00 p.m.//

“I believe we can be the zero emission vehicle capital of the world,” Garcetti said.

//5:05 p.m.//

Garcetti has concluded his speech.