More healthy options should be available on campus

College students are constantly on the go, as students have deadlines to meet, classes to attend, and places to go.


All of that running around can really work up an appetite, and with Pierce College looking for food vendors to occupy the new cafeteria, an emphasis should be put on finding healthy food to offer students and staff.


While Pierce College does offer food on campus, the choices are limited to greasy food at a nearby food truck, or quick chips and a soda at the student store.


This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the Roundup feels there could be healthier choices of food on campus to encourage healthier lifestyles.


A study cited by the Nutrition Journal stated that the poor eating habits of students who transition into college or university is a big concern, as habits developed in college years often persist into adulthood


And these poor habits can lead to lifestyle diseases later in life..


Pierce College only has a couple of places on campus that offer sustenance, so putting healthier choices of food in the mix could appeal to those trying to eat healthy without having to leave campus.


The Freudian Sip does have some sandwiches and fruit available, but more can be done.


This would not be a very expensive change, if the school were to invest in healthier food choices.


If anything, we could simply replace some of our unhealthy products.


Pierce could invite places like Subway, Veggie Grill or Jamba Juice into the cafeteria instead of burger and burrito joints.


The college could allow the Farm Center to bring a cart on campus and sell fruits and vegetables to students on the Mall where students might actually take advantage of the opportunity.


Some high s-chools have begun to incorporate this system for their students, to help their students stay focused and keep active.


Before CST’s, some teachers will give their students fruit drinks and trail mix before the exam, and studies have shown about 80% of school that did this performed better than others that did not.


We feel that the Pierce College students could benefit in a similar fashion.


Having healthier food choices in the new cafeteria could be a great addition to our school, and could possibly help student get back on track to leading a healthy life.