Students should stand up to vandals in the library

With over $40 million used to build the new Library and Learning Crossroads (LLC), the building was designed and created with students in mind.


Students now have one of the best resources available on campus.


It is not only the best, but also the nicest place to be to get work done or to simply hang out while in-between classes.


It is the students’ very own personal hub.


There are very few places on campus with soft seating, air conditioning and a silent atmosphere to relax and even get some homework done.


That being said, let’s treat it with respect.


But there have already been some incidents of vandalism at the new building.


The glass on the entrance was etched not long before the opening of the building.


It would be nice to go a month without seeing our new center vandalized or abused.


Seriously, would you treat your mom’s house that way? No? Didn’t think so.


Let’s all work together to keep the LLC looking as brand spanking new as possible.


Don’t go around skateboarding on the handrails, tagging the walls, or handling the computers poorly.


We, as students, rely on this building a lot.


And without it, it would be very difficult to study, research, relax, and more.


Remember the condition of the old library before the move?


It was dirty, dingy and many appliances were not operational, such as the outlets on the study carrels.


The LLC was expensive, and any vandalism costs money to repair, which the college might not have available to spend on maintenance.


Times are tight, and any extra expenses hurt the college, which in turn hurts the students.


Not many other community colleges have a space this nice.


So next time you’re in there and see someone messing with our hub, stop and them and say, “Would you seriously do that to your mom’s place”?


They might not care, but at least they will have to face the realization that they are disrespecting the LLC.


Let’s all do our part and help keep the Library and Learning Center as cool as can be.