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Water polo team loses against state champions in tournament

Pierce College’s women’s water polo team went into the Citrus Tournament with a tall order ahead as they had to match up against the defending state champions at Golden West College.

It was too tall of an order, however, as Brahmas got crushed, losing to Golden West 17-3.

Considering that the Brahmas are only in their second season in their program after winning the Western State Conference during their 2012 campaign, sophomore set player Sara Booth remained optimistic about the team.

“Considering that we were playing against the defending state champions, we did actually pretty well,” Booth said. “Yeah we got beat pretty bad, but overall we played pretty well.”

The Brahmas were able to recuperate later on in their second game, beating San Diego Miramar College 15-7. Sophomore utility player Maggie Kurzeka felt the team was a lot more prepared playing a team on their caliber.

“Miramar was a lot like us,” Kurzeka said. “A relatively new team but with not as much experience.”

Miramar came into the game with only 11 players on their roster compared to the 16-player Brahma team, and this gave Pierce an advantage.

Kurzeka wants the team to become more physical and aggressive leading up to their next game against the Ventura College Pirates on Wednesday.

“In practice we’re going to have to learn to try harder with each other,” Kurzeka said.

Ethan Hanson
Staff Reporter - Fall 2013 Sports Editor - Spring 2014, Fall 2014

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