Get to know the club council president

1: Ayungao emigrated from the Philippines. 

KA: “I moved out here when I was 17, therefore I needed to have a guardian, and my aunt lived in Los Angeles, so I came to Pierce because it’s a lot cheaper.”


2: She served on the ASO Senate for 2 semesters and is now the Club Council president.

KA: “For Senators we need 80 signatures from the representative department, and after that we need to finish 35 hours, so that we get transcripts recognition, but for officers or president the students at Pierce need to vote for us.”


3:Her main project is called the “Pierce College Experience.” 

KA: “Most students treat Pierce with contempt since it’s a community college, despite it being part of your college experience, so I’m working on team building for the clubs and raising more funds that we desperately need.”


4: It’s rare for Ayungao to have a day off. 

KA: “I find consolation hanging out with friends from church, or my family. I go to youth group every Friday and I do a little bit of community service on the weekends, where I am a discipleship facilitator for homeless people. I serve them meals, pray for them and try to refer them to job opportunities.”


5: She is planning on hosting a screening of “Girl Rising” on  Oct. 10, which is a film about human trafficking. 

KA: “I’m passionate about human trafficking, for personal reasons. No one should experience that, especially girls. The Philippines is a country that is exposed to that immensely and they don’t pay attention to [it], prostitution and social injustice, which happens a lot in Asia.”


6: Her educational goals after Pierce. 

KA: “I would love to be a professor.  Or if not, work for a nonprofit organization and do cultural research for other countries.  Since I’m a human trafficking abolitionist, I want to find effective ways to stop social injustice, or make policies, as long as it involves culture and helping others”.


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