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Free concert features Baroque music


It was a full house in the music department recital room for the Concerts @ Pierce on Thursday Oct. 3, with the Los Angeles Baroque Players performing.

Baroque music originates from Europe during the 17th century, and reached popularity in the Renaissance era. One of the earliest forms of classical music, the Baroque style offered a wider tonality for theatrical practices such as operas and sonatas.

Sponsored by the Associated Students Organization and hosted by Adjunct Music Instructor James Bergman, the concert featured many classical pieces composed by prominent members in the Baroque period such as Arcangelo Corelli and Francois Couperin.

The Los Angeles Baroque Players consists of four members: Anthony Brazier, Paul Sherman, Adriana Zoppo and Jeffrey Lavner. They play flute, oboe, violin and harpsichord respectively.

While other students were more worried about getting credit for their class, 20-year-old computer science major Isaac Argueta took an interest in the free show provided by ASO.

“I hear they’re supposed to be good,” Argueta said. “I’m excited to hear them play.”

The concert began with a quartette composed by Fortunato Riedel, with all four of the Los Angeles Baroque Players performing a measure in unison.

After each piece, one of the musicians would explain the importance of their specific Baroque instrument and the difference that Baroque music has as opposed to modern classic music.

Violinist Adriana Zoppo explained the difference of using sheep string intestine for strings when using baroque violins instead of metal strings for its distinct sound and lower pitch.

Paul Sherman, who played the baroque oboe, described the environment and setting where baroque style was generally played for audiences.

“The baroque oboe was used in the Renaissance in the festive type of atmosphere,” Sherman said. “I would not use a standard oboe when I’m playing baroque music.”

The Los Angeles Baroque Players were unable to complete the full concert due to the fact that it was cutting into time for another class in the same room.

Concerts @ Pierce event is scheduled every Thursday at 1 p.m. in Music Building room 3400 except on holidays. The concerts are free and open to the public.