New Digital Communications Board in Business Education Building

A new flat screen was installed to the Business Education building  Tuesday, March 4, and awaits programming to display new and dynamic information to students.

 The screen is not yet operational but once it is up and running it will be another way for faculty and students to communicate.

“What’s cool about it is that it’s dynamic and instantly changeable,” said Joe Peret, Professor of computer applications and office technologies.

“We kind of strategically located it at a crossroads,” he said. “What we’re trying to do is get students attention.”

The screen will run information such as open classes, advertisements, and certificates, as well as highlighting students by displaying their work and interviews. As part of a class project, the Computer Applications department intends to run videos created by students themselves.

Audio will only be available between classes so as to not disrupt classes.

“We’re excited about it. It’s the first one on the campus,” Peret said. “This is a pioneering effort and it’ll be fun to watch.”

Though this screen was funded internally by the campus, there is also the possibility of adding others already bought and sitting unused.

The program is run by to control displays, timing and screen proportions.