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CSUN transfer day

Students hoping to attend California State University, Northridge in the fall showed up to the CSUN Transfer Day at Pierce College on Wednesday, March 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Transfer Center.

There, students who had booked an appointment online via the Pierce Transfer Center website were able to book an appointment to meet with a CSUN representative.

Students were able to get questions answered about their admissions status for the  possibility of attending CSUN in the fall. They were also able to receive information on financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

CSUN representative Cynthia Martinez was present to answer students’ questions about admissions and their admissions status up-to-date.

“I was a transfer student myself, I know how it feels like to transition from one school on the next,” Martinez said.

She graduated from CSUN in 2001 with her bachelor’s in health science and received her master’s in 2007 in educational administration. She said that the transition from college to the university should be more easygoing.

“New schools shouldn’t be overwhelming. It shouldn’t be any different,” Martinez said.

According to Martinez, students should have a better time transitioning to universities, and instead of feeling of uncomfortable about it, “they should feel the opposite.”

“Students should not have to feel scared about entering a new school. After all, they are now working towards their credentials: on what they hope to do post-graduating from the university,” Martinez said.

Pierce College student Julie Leach, a psychology major, hoped to get some answers about her admissions status.

“I am transferring with 58 units. Hopefully they are lenient about it,” Leach said.

CSUN requires students to have at least a 2.0 GPA and a minimum of 60 transferable units. Leach at first thought she was well over the unit count, but recalculating her units, she found out she fell a little short of the requirement.

She took some time off after graduating high school, but upon attending college, it took her two years to be able to transfer.

“Its fine. I know that I have a 4.0 GPA,” Leach said.

Child development major Catherine Haro wanted to make sure everything was on track with her transfer. She wanted to make sure that all her transcripts were being processed.  She was looking for information about campus tours, meeting with a counselor from CSUN, and when she would be able to register for fall courses.

“I applied for a nursing program as well, but I chose child development as a backup plan,” said Haro, who has experience working with children, teenagers and adults.

Pierce students can go to the Transfer Center website and book their appointment if they want to see a CSUN representative. Each session is 20 minutes long – enough time for students to get any questions answered about the university and transfer requirements.

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