Art Gallery students share their passion

It’s beguiling, it’s bold, but it’s beautiful.

Walking into an art gallery can bring many thoughts and feelings, but one thing that can never be denied is the emotions felt while looking at a particular piece whether elegant or exotic.

In the Pierce Art Gallery different artwork sits carefully framed on alabaster walls, some encased in special glass to protect the conditions of each piece and some laying in the open for viewers to pick up and observe.

The artwork in the gallery are not works from Picasso or Angelo, but from Pierce students whose art gives the gallery its unique aura upon entering the facility.

As the student showcase nears, Afshin Shidanshidy, a second year assistant and work-study student of the art gallery, busied himself in daily tasks until a couple walked into the art gallery.

“The art that is admitted can be any student’s art that was done through classes from last year spring up until this year that can be turned in,” Shidanshidy said.

“I like to see everything: sculpture projects, architectural models, 3D program presentation boards, and ceramics,” Shidanshidy said, adding that the art is then categorized and evaluated.

Students submit their artwork to the showcase as part of the curriculum of many classes in order to complete the semester.

“I’m looking to see variety of different types of pieces,” art professor Peter Kraus said. “You can tell what the young people need by their art, helps shape my curriculum.”

One of the art workers is a second year Pierce student, Jose Flores.

“I am thinking of doing my pedestal bowl, I am looking for good art,” Flores said.

Some of the students are still in the beginning stages of creating their pieces.

“I just started my piece but it’s my third semester in taking art here at Pierce. I don’t have any preference in judges,” Flores said.

“A judge from the outside will be the guest judge’ who will come and see the projects and decide,” Shidanshidy said.

The Showcase will begin May 8, and will end on May 27, when the judges choose the top three winners of the competition.

“It usually takes one day to decide who are the winners, there will also be some honorable mentions as well,” Shidanshidy said.