Transmission Repair: How to know and what its cost?

Before we go forward, let us know about the transmission and its work. A transmission is a machine that allows the engine to drive wheels and make it slow or fast. Its work is to make your car fast and slow. We can say that transmission has all the controlled application power through which the whole process works.

Many people are asking on Google, can a car run without a transmission then the answer is No because it has all control over the engine to drive the wheels. If the car is electric then it can run without transmission.

We run our car without any care about transmission and we recommend that your car needs transmission repair in some time to perform all its functions properly and can run without any interruption. So, now if you have questions like how to know that we should go for transmission repair and how much it will cost? Here are the complete details about it.

How to know that our car needs Transmission repair?

You are driving your car most of the time and you know the actual condition of your car. We can easily understand if there is some mistake in our car. Still, we are giving you the list of common signs from which you get to know that your car needs transmission repair. Here are those signs –

# Transmission Slipping

This is a common sign that you will see in your car, the car transmission will get slip means the gear will get change from first to any other one without any reason. Your car will also make some noise at that time, if you are seeing these things in your car then your cards need transmission repair. It may happenbecause of no maintenance done properly. We will recommend to repair it as soon as possible to avoid other expenses.

# Shifting of the gears

If you are seeing that your car is taking some time to shift the gears then you need transmission repair. As it may happenbecause of a fluid leak in your system and it is unable to reach other parts of the car. If this problem goes for a long time then it can damage other parts of the car. This fluid is used to cool down the parts of the car when it gets hot. So, when you are getting to see this sign, immediately go to the repair center to avoid other expenses.

# Burning Smell

If you are getting to smell something burning when you are driving your car then it means there is fluid leakage and you should immediately contact the mechanic to check the car’s transmission. If you did too late in transmission repair then you have to face many other problems which will be a very costly method. So go for the transmission repair when you are getting any burning smell.

# Transmission Warning Lights

Most of the cars are coming with sensors today that will give you an idea about the harm in a car’s engine or transmission. So you have to place your eyes always on that light if it is on then it is just lime an alert that you need to fix your car’s problem. The light turn on not only when there us any issue in the engine but also comes when there is some problem in the transmission. So, immediately go for the transmission repair if you are getting this sign.

How much it will cost for Transmission Repair?

We cannot give the exact cost of car because how much damage happened, we will get to know only when we go to the mechanic. As Transmission repair is a very expensive process, normally it takes from $1800 to $3400 and it depends on other factors.

Now instead of repairing it, you can also buy a used transmission, it will cost a bit less than it repairing cost. You can also go with a rebuilt transmission, you can save money by going with any of these options. If there are basic repairs in transmission then you can do it, as it will not incur hugely, so it depends on your car’s condition about how much it will cost for transmission repair.


So this is all about the transmission repair costing and its symptoms. When any of the symptoms you are getting in your car, then immediately go for its repairing otherwise, it will breakdown the complete car and you have to pay a huge amount for that.