Opinions: Restricting recruiter access on campus

Being stopped while running late to class can be a less-than-ideal situation for a student as a stranger eagerly insists on a bit of time and some personal information.

Students surround the campus throughout the week at Pierce College, giving recruiters the opportunity to reach out to target markets from the confines of the freedom of speech area near the mall marquee.

Some recruiters can also be found on campus approaching students away from the freedom of speech area and some students may come to question why they are roaming around campus.

Recruiters of any kind are actually not allowed to walk around campus. When they do, students or guests are encouraged to report those incidents to the Sheriff’s Department, in the parking lot by the Winnetka entrance to Pierce College.

Although recruiters may be unaware of the regulations for soliciting to students, policy states they are required to fill out a simple form found at the Student Services office in the Administration Building located at the third floor Room 4200. This grants recruiters instant access to recruit students walking across the mall as long as they stay in the free speech area, designated in front of the new Library/Learning Crossroads Building.

The administrative assistant to the vice president of Student Service,s Judie Price, shared how effortless it is to gain entry on campus by filling out a form. Recruiter’s access to the free speech area on campus is only valid from the hours of 9 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and they are prohibited from distributing material that disrupts the orderly operation on campus.

Recruiters do not belong outside the designated area. They need to know if they do not adhere to campus policy they will be asked to leave the campus and will be reported to the Sheriff’s Department. Cases of criminal mischief have already occurred on campus as identity theft is a rising concern among college students whose personal information may be sought after by both recruiters and would-be thieves. Sensitive personal details are something that all students should avoid giving to on-campus solicitors, particularly money or credit card information. The campus will not be held responsible for a reimbursement or an unexpected loss.

Overall, students should become more involved in communicating to the Sheriff’s Department if they come across recruiters outside the free speech zone.

Students who are attending Pierce should not feel any discomfort leaving a class or walking through a campus because of someone soliciting them at any given time without their consent.