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Pierce College student photographers win awards at Media Arts event

Some of the best work from photography students in Pierce’s Media Arts Department is on display in the library at the 37th annual photo salon, which celebrated its opening on Wednesday.

Photography students from any skill level were able to submit their work from this semester. The submitted work was selected by Pierce professors from the Media Arts Department to be displayed in the photo salon before being judged by outside professionals and awarded first and second place in six categories.

Rita Nisan is a photography instructor at Pierce who originally came here in 2002 as a student from Iran. She had photos in previous photo salons in 2003 and 2004.

“When I came here I already had my bachelors degree in photography,” Nisan said. “I took English classes here and I realized there were photography classes and it was easier to understand the teacher.”

Nisan said the photo salon is an opportunity for students to explore the art of photography.

“These photos are meaningful, they’re not just snapshots,” Nisan said. “We as photographers can entertain people, we can educate people. It’s kind of a developing literacy.”

Oscar Villa, a 21-year-old cinematography major, was impressed and inspired by what he saw.

“It’s amazing work. I really like the one of the mini cooper drifting. I’m a big fan of cars,” Villa said. “I would like to be in the car industry shooting footage for them, covering formula one races to drift races.”

Tavian Quinn, a 25-year-old journalism major, is currently in Journalism 101 but after attending the show is considering adding photography to her schedule next semester.

“I want to know how to do everything in the aspect of journalism on each side of the camera,” Quinn said.

The winners from each of the six categories are as follows:

Best in show–

First place Rick Rose

Second place Craig Kinder


First place Jennifer Cruz

Second place Nicole Delgado


First place Amber-Rose Kelly

Second place Kela Celoaliaj


First place Rick Rose

Second place Lynn Levitt


First place Amiria Fickewirth

Second place Jonathan Andrino


First place Nicolas Heredia

Second place Joshua Duarte

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