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Pros and Cons: Pros to taking summer courses


As the 2014 spring semester draws to a close, the students of Pierce College begin to weigh their options, head to summer school, recharge the batteries or go to work. With summer school being offered by the Los Angeles Community College District, Pierce is one of nine schools offering a summer curriculum.

Providing students with an opportunity to get ahead of the game in their academic careers, it is a no brainer that students should take advantage of Pierce’s summer program. This summer Pierce has changed it’s summer schedule, offering even more classes and dividing the summer schedule into three separate parts.

Making the schedule flexible, the school is offering an eight week session from June 16- August 9, Session A from June 16- July 19 and Session B from July 21- August 23. There is seemingly no down side to the new schedule as Pierce is giving all students a choice.

Summer classes aren’t forced upon those students who might need them but taken by those who choose to, speeding up their stay at the community college level. Pierce offers students who would like to solely focus on their major the opportunity to work on their prerequisite courses during the summer. This would help eliminate them from the students’ schedules in the fall or spring.

While there is little room for error when attending college, summer school provides a fast paced environment for those committed to getting through their classes and moving through college. The courses offered during the summer can also be a benefit as the class sizes will be smaller than the average class size during the other semesters. In a class with fewer students, this may allow for more time and interaction with the professor.

With summer quickly approaching, it is time that Pierce students take advantage of the opportunity to speed along their process at the community college level by taking summer school courses and helping further advance their college education.