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Former Brahmas reunite in Georgia

Adam Schechter, a former Pierce College wide receiver known for his feisty play and helping the Brahmas win the Patriotic Bowl, announced on his facebook page that he will be joining former QB Nick Arbuckle at Georgia State University.

Schechter, a Simi Valley native who is 5’11 and plays slot, was at College of the Canyons before transferring to Pierce.

During his 2012 campaign with the Brahmas he was an invaluable asset, having finished the season with 42 receptions, eight touchdowns and 579 receiving yards. His fellow teammates included Joe Morris and Jaelen Strong who are now at Arizona State and Tyrin Stone-Davis who will be at University of Illinois this upcoming fall.

“He was often overshadowed in the spotlight because of those three,” Arbuckle said. “But his production on the field was still great and he showed his big time playmaking ability. He will be able to come in here and compete right away to become a future starter and a big time contributor to the special program that we are building here.”

Although listed as a wide receiver, Schechter is an all-purpose threat who can play both offense and defense. To go along with his ability to kick return, Schechter, who was a gunner on Pierce’s special teams unit, had nine tackles on the season.

Schechter, who is still working out in Los Angeles, said the reason why he chose to go to Georgia State was because of Arbuckle after a conversation they had over the phone. After talking to Arbuckle, Schechter was set in where he wanted to go.

“When I got a phone call from Nick and telling about me transferring back, his response was ‘We need you here now!'” Schechter said.  “So we talked about it, did some research and thought it might be a good fit. I talked to the coaches, showed them film and it all seemed to just work out. After I finished with these classes I’m in and almost done with now, I’m gonna get over there and become an attribution to the program. Plus me and Nick are reunited and we all know what happens when me and Nick are on the field together.”

With the addition of Schechter, Georgia State gains a hard working and tenacious player who isn’t afraid to be vocal when needed.

“He is just the true competitor, he wants to win and he wants to be great,” Arbuckle said. “We want those kind of guys on our team and we want winners and that’s was Adam is.”

Ethan Hanson
Staff Reporter - Fall 2013 Sports Editor - Spring 2014, Fall 2014

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