Pierce College Choir performs final concert of season

Many gathered to hear the debut of the Pierce College Choir in their final concert at the St. John Baptist De La Salle church on Friday evening.

The title of the choir performance was called “A Tapestry of American Song” with all songs accompanied by a band and orchestra.

The audience remained captivated and engaged in the performance as the Pierce Choir sung the well-known song Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Black and blue was the adorned dress attire for the students, which stood out from the other choirs performing alongside the Pierce students.

Along with the Pierce Choir, the Pierce Women’s Ensemble also debuted a few songs during the performance.

The choir performed many pieces but Little Bird held the audience’s attention as the choir made bird chirps to enhance the feeling of the performance.

“Compared to when we first started, we did really good. Everyone came together and did their best,” said Jacky Cabrera, a soprano in the Pierce Choir.

Families and friends alike were amongst the crowd and cheered vigorously if a family member led a song or appeared on stage.

“We really upgraded. There wasn’t much practice in the beginning but we were better, especially with the acoustics projecting our voices,” Pierce student Stephanie Velasco stated.

Velasco also explained how she furthered her singing in college after she became comfortable as a singer.

Pierce Choir Director Cathryn Tortell encouraged families of students after the performance and congratulated students on their hard efforts.

“It was absolutely fabulous, a great experience with everybody,” Tortell said.

The performance was the final concert for the choir and last performance for some of the students.

Due to school and other activities, Cabrera stated that she would not be returning to the choir in the fall of next semester.

Students who are interested in joining the choir can add the course Music 501, which is open to all students attending Pierce.

To join the choir, there is no audition required. The goal for the choir is to let the world hear the voices of the Pierce College students and grow to learn fundamentals along the way.