Film LA now handling media permits

Pierce College has always handled outside media within the college, but now the school has a new contract where all outside commercials, movies, and other broadcasting media are run by a company called FilmL.A.

FilmL.A. helps coordinate and arrange permits for on location filming because Los Angeles requires permits when filming.

Associate Vice President Larry Kraus gave a brief summary regarding filming on campus and the new partnership.

“We decided it would be best to work with an organization that coordinates and manages films,” Kraus said.

As of late May, the Los Angeles Community College District changed its contract for film productions to work with FilmL.A. instead of Pierce College.

According to Kraus, the campus never had a prior contract for filming permits.

“Nothing is different really it’s just a maintenance contract for services,” Kraus said.

Administrative Analyst Brian Silk, who dealt with the schools film permits, declined to comment to the Roundup about the subject.

The film companies scout for locations and once they decide to work with Pierce College, FilmL.A. takes control of drawing up the contracts or permits.

FilmL.A.’s Director of Production Planning and New Business Jodi Strong explained how the merger is still in development.

“We’re still working through the process and tweaking things as we go but it’s all worked out so far,” Strong said.

Once FilmL.A. decides the location on campus they are going to film at, they must run it through administration and then the president of the college must sign it in order for production to start.

According to Los Angeles Pierce College Special Events and Filming Rate Sheet, the filming rate for all areas of the campus start at $1,000 for four hours or less and it increases by another $1,000 every additional four hours.

When FilmL.A. approves of a production company filming, they make sure that students are not affected by the project on campus. According to, community relations are important. Pierce College is part of that community.

“We put FilmL.A. monitors and they monitor the crew to make sure they’re doing what they’re suppose to do and stay where they’re suppose to be,” Strong said.