Player of the week: Whitney Alderman (Sept. 29)

Photo: Diego Barajas
Photo: Diego Barajas

Freshman water polo center Whitney Alderman scored nine out of 20 goals last week against the Santa Monica Corsairs. She is a 19-year-old majoring in business and has now been playing water polo for six years.

How do you feel about being named player of the week?

Ecstatic, I feel honored.

What was it like getting that first win of the season after the previous week’s loss to Citrus? How did the team play effectively?

I felt bad. It’s hard playing teams that aren’t strong.

What keeps you focused in the pool and into the game?

When you’re in the game and you’re just in the moment. Also what keeps me in the game is quality over quantity.

Do you think your teammates and coaches rely on you?

Yes, I think they rely on me for my knowledge of the sport. I started playing in high school, but after high school I quit and now I’m coming out of retirement to get back into shape.

What’s your favorite memory while playing for the Brahmas thus far?

Swimming because it’s the most painful and you remember the pain, you definitely remember the pain.

What do you think the team will accomplish this season?

Strength. I think we’ll be contenders but right now is a building year. I don’t feel we’re up to par to win a championship.