ASO vice president steps down

The elected ASO vice president Jonathan Vazquez recently stepped down from his position as officer and becomes the new clerk for the Associated Student Organization at Pierce College.

Vazquez prepared for the semester to the best of his abilities, but it did not take long for him to realize that he was not meeting the required 2.0 GPA for the position. Although Vazquez was unable to fulfill the vice presidential role, he still sees this as a learning opportunity with friend Alex Oloo assuming his responsibilities.

“So far so good it’s interesting,” Vazquez said. “It gives me a better responsibility and I feel like I still have a part of the student government.”

Now as clerk Vazquez helps maintain the student organization by writing the minutes in which he attends the academic senate meetings on campus and records, times the information discussed.The information is then made into a list that is given to all the senators in ASO and is reviewed in their meetings and kept on file by staying on top of what is going on at Pierce.

“It was a change but its also another way to suite ASO and to actually participate in it. I help keep track of the student government,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez would still consider rerunning for vice president for next semester depending of his class schedule but has been a part of ASO for the past three semesters. He currently is working towards transferring to the University of California, Davis where he ideally wants to attend and enjoys spending time with his friends in his free time. The new ASO vice president was announced Tuesday afternoon at the Great Hall.

“I want to see the future of ASO and how while grow from last semester,” Vazquez said.