Electronic books are a better investment than hard copies

In the technological era we live in, most students would prefer to use electronic books either through their tablets, laptops, or various smart phones instead of over priced and heavy textbooks.

Regardless of the subject,  there is an eBook out there for download, instead of carrying multiple books in one bag. The ability to carry a whole semester’s worth of textbooks without carrying a heavy backpack full of big and bulky textbooks that can hurt your back.

When downloading an eBook you are able to access the file within minutes, making it much easier and faster to access your textbook rather than waiting in line at the student store or even few weeks by mail.

More professors on campus are allowing students to use an electronic device containing e-books and eBooks because it is more practical.

Most typical college textbooks can cost anywhere between $40 to $300 and if you multiply that by the number of classes a semester you end up spending up a lot of money just on books when you can download eBooks faster and at a reduced price.

When you buy a regular textbook you are getting the book and only the book alone, whereas when you buy an eBook they come equipped with extra features that can vary from an integrated dictionary to doing online research from the palm of your hands.

When you have an e-reader device you have the option of a quick search for certain words or phrases, which can direct you straight to the desired page.

Considering the amount of pages most textbooks have and the amount of ink they use by buying e-textbooks or e-books you are saving a large amount of paper that results in less tree being cut down.

Having access to the internet at the palm of your hands can be very helpful when you are desperately searching for a certain textbook that it is already sold out in the student store or if the product is overpriced while in stores.

Most e-reader devices already come equipped with the ability to take notes, search key quotes and to be able to highlight words.

Overall making an investment in an e-reader device will help save you time, money and back problems because you will have access to thousands of eBooks. e-textbooks.