Electronic textbooks hinder more than they help

Life without technology can seem impossible at this point in time. The 21st century has altered some opinions, especially students. They believe that anything high-tech is better, when in reality it is depleting the worth of actual bound books.

According to an article in the School Library Journal, 66 percent of schools nationwide offer eBooks, while its collections in campus libraries grew in numbers between 2010 and 2014. Reports have shown that elementary schools have utilized eBooks over lectures while in class the most.

Age is overlooked when it comes to using any technological advances and children as young as six or seven years old learning from a screen is ludicrous. eBooks defeat the purpose of attending school and forgetting where real sources and citations originally came from.

There are even high possibilities of technical difficulties in using a tablet for school. An eBook can dysfunction at any time while trying to study for a test or turning in homework on its due date. An iPad or eBook is not as dependent as having the physical copy of the textbook. By having the book, it guarantees a smooth sailing study session without any connection problems, inability to open a new page, or any other technical dysfunctions.

Students complain about the weight of textbooks and how tedious it is to carry all the way to class. However, just because the iPad or Nook is lighter, there can be moments of clumsiness where it can drop and break.  Textbooks and its high prices are inevitable and another main issue, but buying the eBook doesn’t allow students to sell or return it. It may be cheaper to purchase the eBook version, but at least students have the ability to rent and sell actual copies.

Nooks, eBooks and iPads encourage students to use them because it is to their convenience, but what they don’t realize is that staring at a pixelated screen can do harm to your eye sight.

Students find it financially smart and more efficient to use a tablet to study, take notes, or read textbooks. However, nothing compares to flipping through a published book’s printed pages.

The option of an eBook may be an easier and lighter way while attending class, but having the actual copy of the textbook in hand will go long ways for a successful study session without technical difficulties.