PRO: You should stay in California for school

When it comes time for most students to make a final decision of which school to apply to, one issue always presents itself as to whether to leave California and go to school out of state or stay in California and be closer to home.

Some student’s look at staying in California for school as the better choice because being a resident of California we do not have to pay out of state fees compare to if you do decide to go out of state for school.

Most students when they have to narrow down their choices for school, location becomes a major decision factor and staying in California is the best decision if you enjoy warm and sunny days. Not only that, but there are some great locations to buy a home, especially if you want the full college experience of living independently. That’s why you may want to look for someone like a Rolling Hills Estates realtor, or a realtor closer to your college, so you can make the most out of this stage in your life. Of course, it also means that you are closer to home than what you would be if you moved out of the state.

The familiarity of home can be a lifesaver when moving out of the first time since things can get confusing and tough and if you’re close with your family you’ll be able to see them more often than going out of state.

In most cases for some public in-state schools they offer scholarships and financial aid to in-state students so rather than paying almost as double the tuition for going out-state, staying in California for school can be financially beneficial.

Leaving home for the first time for most students can be a difficult transition especially if you are in a new state, which is why most students would rather stay in California where they know that they can be closer to home.

If you stay in California for school, you can save lots of money by living at home or if you rather live on your own it still be cheaper than what you would be paying when living out of state because of all the expenses from traveling back home as an out of state student.

We are so lucky to live in the state of California not only because of its amazing yearly warm weather but because we have one of the best school systems and offer a great variety of school options such as any of the University of California schools, California State schools and private schools.

California is home to 399 universities options more than any other state so if you are either deciding to choose between the 10 UC schools or the 23 Cal State schools finding the right school that fits your needs can be much easier because of how many options they are.