Bringing Health to Pierce College

Living a healthy life is not only about eating fruits and vegetables. The Pre-Health Club at Pierce College strives to bring awareness to students and faculty on how they can make time for a well-balanced meal.


The Pre-Health Club, has been around for almost four years and currently has more than eight members that meet every Monday morning at 11 a.m. in the Associated Student Organization office. The club gathers to discuss and plan for future events to promote health on campus.


Club president Marina Istanboulian shared how she recently attended a diabetes walk in hope of influencing her friends and family to become more aware of their own health.


“I’ve been kind of a healthy freak and at the end of the day we can make a difference in people’s lives,” Istanboulian said.


Istanboulian’s position as club president requires her to make sure that the group works together and collaborates efficiently with one another in organizing their events like their fundraisers on campus. They welcome anyone who maybe interested in joining the club even if their not pre-health majors.

“We are happy to have anyone join the club,” said club historian and representative, Jesus Lara Club.


Through social media, the Pre-Health Club has been successful in recruiting new students on campus and spreading the word in what they are doing as a club. Maria Alvarado was one of the students who joined the club after seeing a post on Facebook.


“I was looking for a clubs to see if I wanted to join one and found this one so I joined it,” Alvarado said.


The club looks forward into having more events thrown on campus next semester and are looking into finding new ways in standing out as a group at Pierce.

“We are looking into making T-shirts for the club that we can wear at events, it is a good way to show unity,” said club vice president, Sylvia Phung.


Phung is currently working towards finding sponsors for the club to potentially help them participate in more events on and off campus. Members of the club enjoy promoting to others about health and feel that this is a small part of what they look forward into doing as a career in the near future.

“It really helps that all of us are pre-health majors,” said club secretary Yesenia Jetter.