PRO: Studying abroad

Deciding to study abroad is a difficult decision to make but it is a rewarding experience in where you get the unique opportunity to grow academically, professionally and personally while going on a once in a lifetime adventure.

Getting the most out of your college experience may involve going beyond your college’s campus and studying in a new foreign location.

When you study abroad, you participate in the day-to-day life of a new culture and you gain a first hand understanding of a new location.

Studying abroad can provide you with a perfect opportunity to learn a new foreign language.

There is no better way to gain a new, refreshing outlook on the world by studying abroad in a new country were you can live the life of the locals and feel like you are a part of that country.

Studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, try new things and try first hand activities that may not be offered back at home.

While studying abroad you will be exposed to many different experiences that might lead you to discover something new that you like.

It is very important to possess skills that can help you communicate across cultures and by studying abroad it helps you become familiar with the costumes and traditions of different countries.

Not only will you be living and experiencing a new culture you will be meeting people from all different backgrounds and make personal connections with people that you may never thought of.

In addition to the personal growth you might experience while studying abroad you will learn new skills that will be very beneficial when seeking new job opportunities.

Studying abroad will help you become more independent because it removes you from your normal daily life back at home.

Studying in a foreign country can provide you with the perfect chance to learn a new language as you immerse yourself into the culture and heritage of the country.

As you study abroad you gain a new and better perspective of the world because you are expanding your knowledge of the world by actually going out there, and seeing it.

If studying abroad is something that you find interesting then you should talk to your counselor about opportunities for studying abroad.