Pierce College Council passes Library / Learning Center’s opening in winter intersession

The Pierce College Council passed its vote to keep the Library / Learning Center open during the college’s winter intersession, at its final regular-meeting of the year on Dec. 11.

President Kathleen Burke still needs to approve the PCC’s recommendation before the Library / Learning Center can be open during the winter intersession.

“You guys have classes, and we want to support you in your classes,” said Paula Paggi, associate professor of library science. “We want to be open, so we can can get those students in, help them get instruction and reference, let them use the computers, get out of the weather and let them bring classes in for library instruction.”

The PCC also passed the new enrollment management plan.

“We decided to make our plan centered around three main themes, with goals underneath each,” said Angel Belden, psychology professor.

The themes of the plan are to maximize the enrollment process, optimize the schedule for student completion and enrollment at Pierce, to strengthen academic support, student support and administrative services to enhance student success.

A new technology master plan was also introduced at the meeting to meet the growing demand of newer technology on campus. The plan has 10 major goals. One goal is to ensure a reliable wireless internet connection across campus.

“The plan incorporates the college’s strategic ideals with technology into a series of technology goals. The plan would be going over four years, and we plan to vote on it next month,” said Bruce Rosky, associate vice president of administrative services.

Other goals such as updating all existing software, improving the campus website, and ensuring all computing devices meet a specified speed/performance are also in the new technology master plan.

“We finally got a lot of stuff done that we were working on all semester, so it was really exciting,” said Wendy Bass, distance education coordinator.