Law Post Club establishes itself

Campaigning for politicians, hosting mock trials and sitting in courthouses, it’s hard to believe that these are just Pierce College students from the Law Post Club.

The club was created this past Spring semester by Rosie Lasca when the San Fernando Bar Association sought to sponsor a law club at Pierce.

“We do more than just sit around and talk about law; We offer students great opportunities and experience,” Rosie Lasca, communications major and Law Post Club president said.

Lasca was contacted by Denise Robb, a political science professor at Pierce, when she received an email from the attorneys from the San Fernando Bar Association to start a club.

“All I did was forward the information to a few students of mine so they could join,” Robb said.

Despite being new, when the Law Post Club attended their first rush week this Fall semester they received a huge response with 77 prospective members. Yet the club still struggles to establish itself as a new club.

“The biggest obstacle to getting the club started was the rooms. We couldn’t get a room in the beginning because of the large amount of people; 77 was a record for a lot of clubs,” Vice President, Jerrell Johnson said. “So in the meantime we would have meetings with the San Fernando Bar Association off campus.”

Undeterred by the lack of a room, the Law Post Club still engaged in multitude of activities such as field trips, meeting judges and lawyers, sitting in court cases and getting involved with the community. They also send out their weekly newsletters which updates students on current events and internships and volunteer opportunities offered to them.

“Our goal and mission is to expose students to various types of legal fields, and the way that we do it is by bringing in speakers and providing volunteer and internship opportunities,” Lasca said.

Law Post Club welcomes and encourages all students to come regardless of their major.

“That’s the reason we decided to introduce the whole spectrum, because there is a lot of levels to it and we want to make sure everyone is successful. We want to give information to everyone and not just those who want to go to law school. It can be anyone who has a passing interest. We pretty much start from the beginning and move our way to the top,” Johnson said.

Law Post Club meetings usually involve the discussion of current events and members are encouraged to express their thoughts.

“We like to discuss the different ways that laws affect the youth and how we can understand it from our point of view. We want members to think critically and tell us what their thoughts are and not just what the news tells us,” Johnson said.

In addition to helping students explore the fields of politics and law, the club hopes to show and rise interest to the subject.

“At pierce college there are only three law classes. So with this we are trying to show the administration that there is an interest in law and hopefully they will increase the number of classes,” Johnson said.

The club plans to host events next semester such as public immigration discussion, mock trials, and other fun activities.

“This isn’t just a hobby for most of us, this is a way of life. There are so many opportunities, and we just want to make sure that the things that we learn we can take out into our actual lives for possible jobs, internships and networking. So its more than just sitting around, we take it a little more serious,” Johnson said.

As of now, the Law Post Club meets every Thursday at 12:45 in room 8407 in the Village.