Classroom computer use is a nuisance

With the latest technology taking over, students have become obsessed with such products as they have made it a part of their student life in classrooms. Laptops, tablets and cellphones are seen now more than ever at the hands of students in classrooms.

Technology  in a classroom benefits no one. It is understandable that some classes run based on technology but as for other classes, students are not always using their technology in classrooms to benefit their educational career by taking notes. Many of them are scrolling through their social media accounts, updating their status and checking how many likes they have got on a picture they recently posted.

Students have taken technology to the next level where instead of helping educate themselves the technology is dumbing down not only the learners but society; thus having any sort of technology at the hands of students interferes with their education.

Some may say that technology is used well within classrooms as they take notes or read their assignments and syllabus on there. Have we truly become that lazy? That’s technology interfering again with your education as when you’re typing or ‘touching’ in the case of newer technology, your brain is being used and capable of retaining some information. However, when you write things with pen and paper, a different part of the brain is being used thus it is more effective by being able to absorb a great majority of the information provided.

Not only can having technology in classrooms be disruptive for the student, teacher and classmates but  to not giving your teacher and the lesson your undivided attention is rude and discourteous.

Technology has become an interference and distraction for many students. It’s meant to stay elsewhere but classrooms, in places that it will not disrupt your, nor anyone else’s education. Education is valuable, as it doesn’t come cheap.

Without technology at the hands of students in classrooms, students will be able to fully concentrate and pay better attention, unfocused on what is on their screen. Like this students will be able to better understand, absorb knowledge and get their moneys worth of education.