Cloud usage is a better alternative for students

As a continuously evolving technology reliant society, crossing over to cloud based storage systems only makes sense.

Despite the fact that cloud storage is still growing in popularity, a majority of people use its services, with or without their knowledge.

According to a report form nScreenMedia, 90 percent of U.S. broadband users are conscious of cloud services, and 29 percent say that they are aware of using it.

Cloud storage is the cache of data online. The service is offered by a various amount of companies; the most notable ones being Apples ICloud, Dropbox and Google Drive. There are also companies that use cloud storage for their files too. However, companies that store private data are switching to a virtual data room 2019 which is a more secure version of cloud storage. This gives them peace of mind that their documents are secure. They also have the option of google monitoring as a way to keep track of their cloud to cloud, and internet to cloud use within their company. Students won’t need these services though as the only documents they have are essays and revision notes.

Similar to USBs, cloud storage users upload their data to on an online cloud service rather than the conventional USB stick for later access. Yet the benefits for cloud storage outdo the traditional USB. Cloud storage does need to be secured. So if you are looking for Professional IT services that can provide you with cloud security click here to visit The Final Step for free.

One of the most significant things about cloud storage is the accessibility. Regardless of a user’s location, as long as they have access to the internet, then they have access to their files.

Services that offer cloud storage also offer mobile apps, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. A user can pull up their data right on their phone and edit it, share it, upload more data and more at their own discretion. Alternate to DropBox and Google Drive is Microsoft Office 365. Learn more about how to migrate Dropbox to SharePoint and G suite to Office 365 Migration.

Cloud storage also is a great backup system for many users data. In a study done by Acronis, 65 percent of companies are already using cloud-based storage to externally backup their data.

Many companies use cloud storage incase an event occurs where a company may lose all their data, then their data is externally backed up online.

In addition, cloud storage systems are relatively inexpensive and offer a nearly unlimited amount of storage space.

With cloud storage you don’t have to worry about the common mishaps that come with using a USB. Easy to forget or lose, prone to viruses and high cost for limited in space, USBs are more of a burden than they are worth.

In a study done by Sophos, they found that 66 percent of lost USBs were infected with malware.

With USBs computers are also at risk. Once an infected USB is inserted into a computer, it can spread from the USB to the computer and every USB inserted into it after.

Despite being relatively new to the market, cloud storage is the future for storing data. According to Cirrus Files, 36 percent of all data will be stored in the cloud by 2016.

With cloud storages great accessibility, low cost and nearly unlimited space, its popularity will only continue to grow as it proves to be the best choice for storing data.