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PC computers are student friendly


As students, many of us fit the “starving college student” stereotype of constantly being short of cash. Yet, despite our lack of income we tend to need expensive things, such as computers. So it only makes sense to invest in PCs and get more bang for your buck.

Although Apple products are gaining popularity with time, it’s not comparable to the PC. In a 2010 poll conducted by Canalys, PC/Windows operating systems dominated the world market share in personal computer sales by 89.2 percent, whereas Mac/Apple systems were at 10.8 percent.

One of the clear benefits of a PC is its options and availability. MacBooks are exclusive to Apple, making them expensive and lacking in a variation of options. PCs on the other hand, come in a multitude of options due to the wide number of retailers and manufacturers.

As a result, consumers have an enormous selection and can even customize their own computer to their needs. If a user needs a computer for something specific like gaming, editing, writing, etc. they can create just that. Apple only offers 18 “unique” computers that are limited in customization, thus not leaving consumers many options.

At home is different, but when you’re trying to do work at college or university, there are always things to distract you, like having access to the internet and being surrounded by our friends. There’s always that one YouTube video that you all have to watch or the latest celebrity gossip to catch up on. But you have to try and find a way of doing this without getting caught because you have work to do remember? For computer screens, you could look into trying to buy monitor privacy filter, which helps keep your screen private from anyone who is looking at the monitor face forward. Some people just want to know what others are doing for no reason. Whether your university or your place of education has a desktop or Macbook, this could work for them both. Just like you do at school, be sure to do your research before committing to anything.

Another major difference between a Macs and PCs is the price. In a study done by market research firm NPD, 79 percent of computers sold at retail ran Windows, but 88 percent of computers that were sold for $1,000 and above were Macs.

Also, due to Apples lack of options, consumers may be purchasing computers equipped with things they may not need. With PCs, users can go to different brands with varying, affordable prices, buy a computer equipped with only the things they need, or upgrade their computers at a cheaper cost.

In addition, Windows operating system is compatible with a majority of software, programs and games. According to a report by W3Counter, Windows operating system is used by the majority of users at 40.57 percent, while those who use Mac OS X is 6.94 percent.

Even Apple created Boot Camp software, which allows users to install Windows operating system on their Macs, and Microsoft released a Microsoft Office made just for Macs.

Apple has limited software, and although growing in popularity, still isn’t compatible with a majority of products. Currently, a search on the online gaming platform Steam shows that there are only about 180 games for Mac and about 1,300 for PC.

MacBooks might be trendy but yet in the end you’re really paying more for the name. PCs are the ideal choice for students as they have a multitude of choices, and are economical and easy to use.