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Soccer celebrates another successful season

Despite losing in the first round of the playoffs, the Pierce College soccer team had another successful season and celebrated it on Friday, Dec. 12 at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.

The coaching was proud of the team and what they accomplished this season

“What we were able to do this season was unbelievable, we fought hard and it was always us against the world,” head coach Adolfo Perez said. “We battled through a lot more this season and dealt with a lot of injuries but still were able to have a successful season.”

Sophomore forward Paige Wolny led the team with 23 goals and 4 assists in the season and finished fifth in scoring in the state of California, winning most valuable player. Along with winning MVP Wolny also earned an award for Offensive Player of the year and made it onto the First Team All Western State Conference. Wolny will not be back next season after playing out her sophomore year for the Brahmas and has committed to playing at Occidental College.

Goalkeeper and team captain Jenna Koziol won co-MVP. In her sophomore year she made it to the first Team All Western State Conference and won the Pierce Coach Award for her dedication on and off the field.

As for the defensive side, awards were given to freshman Stephanie Alcazar and Desiree Raygoza, sharing the Defender of the Year Award.

Forward Mayra Lopez won Most Improved Player Award and Claudia Perez earned Freshman of the Year.

Assistant coach Cruz Hernandez talked about what he feels is a bright future for the team.

“Having a lot of players returning is going to make it easier, there’s not going be a huge transition that we have to do and they are going to know what the expectations are,” Hernandez said.

“We don’t have to recruit a lot because a lot of them are coming back and we can work on things we need to improve on,” Perez said.

Defender Alexis Mendias is one of the players that is not returning but is proud of the team and the season they had.

“I’m so proud of the way we played throughout the season,” Mendias said.  “We were underdogs. As sophomores on the team, we felt like moms to the freshmen and we always helped them out in what to do and what not to do.”


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